Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott

The only proper word for this book is action-packed to the max. I was astonished by every page that was filled was so much action. I randomly picked up this book, not expecting too much, but I was floored by how good it is! Fire and Flood follows a girl who is invited to participate in a race called the Brimstone Bleed. The winner will receive a cure for a family member with a disease. She participates in the race for her brother Cody who is hanging on by a thread. I absolutely love the characters in this novel and find a deep attachment to each of them. 
Tella: this girly-girl who turns out to surprise you with how brave and strong she is and will do anything for her family, she also has a deep attachment to animals
Guy: a mysterious male, strong-willed, brave, intelligent, and Tella's love interest
Harper: a beautiful girl who turns out to be a lot more than what is just on the surfaceThese are just a few of the important characters.
This book also has some really interesting concepts: such as Pandoras. These animals are genetically engineered and possess secret and magical powers. Each contender selects a Pandora who protects them and races with them.
Another interesting concept in the different terrains the contenders are put through. The first being a jungle and then a desert. It is interesting to see how each character acts and survives each terrain.
This story is so heart-wrenching with a lot of unexpected turns. Some people compare this to the Hunger Games, but I think the story has an entirely different concept. Although I can see how some people relate the two. I highly, highly, recommend this if you are looking for something a little bit different. 
I am definitely excited and looking forward to the sequel Salt and Stone.