Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Top 5 Books I Read in 2016

While I already have a list of my favorite books of 2016 here on my blog, I would like to further narrow it down to my five favorite books of the year. These are in no particular order because it was already hard enough to narrow down the list to just five. So many great books came out this year and please let me know your thoughts in the comments, if you have read any of these books.

I'll Meet You There by  Heather Demetrios 
I read this book very early on in 2016 and I absolutely loved it. I loved the writing style and I felt so attached to the characters throughout the entire book. The story follows Skylar who lives in a small town and her dream is to move far away and go to college to follow her dreams. Unfortunately, before Skylar can pursue these dreams, she has to face many hardships and obstacles. The book is also told from the perspective of Josh, who is a marine that lost his leg in war, and must return home to face his demons, which he thought he had left behind. This book is so powerful and so heart-wrenching. I loved this one so much. 

 Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys
This is another story that is so heart-wrenching, yet so beautiful at the same time. This is a historical fiction novel set during WWII. The story is told from four individuals, who are all seeking freedom on the Wilhelm Gustloff. This book is based off of true events and you can definitely tell the amount of research that Ruta put into this book. This book is a true masterpiece and I highly recommend it. It was also the GoodReads Choice award winner in the Young Adult Fiction category. 

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir 
This is the second book in the Ember in the Ashes series written by Sabaa Tahir. I read An Ember in the Ashes last year and it definitely was one of the favorite books of 2015. And boy the second book did not disappoint. I find that I can't stop thinking about this series because I am just so captivated by the world. I absolutely love the characters and the plot keeps you on your toes. I was so worried that this book was going to be the conclusion to the series because there was no word on any more sequels. I was so incredibly happy when Sabaa announced that there would be two more books in the series. I love this series and I am so excited to see what is in store for the characters. 
Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places by Colin Dickey
This book is so incredibly interesting. Going into this book I had no idea what to expect. This is a nonfiction book that discusses the history behind ghost stories throughout the United States. The intent of this book is not to scare you, but instead it makes you think. Colin Dickey takes you on a trip into the hidden and dark history of the United States. It brings up war, slavery, racism, and many other issues that are still so relevant to today. I typically do not read nonfiction, but this book was just so incredibly interesting that I could not put it down. Please read this. 

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis
I am such a huge fan of Mindy McGinnis's writing and I can't get enough. This book took me by complete surprise at the end of the year. I went into this book completely blind and I am so glad I did. I would recommend not knowing a lot about this book in advance. This book is told from three perspectives and is just so fast-paced that I read it within 24 hours. This book deals with so many issues in such a thought-provoking way. I would definitely say that this book is intended for older audiences and is definitely a trigger warning for rape and violence. This book is just so important. If I had to pick a favorite book of the year, this would be it.